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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is there a life after teens???

I can’t dream of turning into an obese lady who can’t even walk?
Okay I won’t turn old so fast!

Fine, I admit it. I often have nightmares of turning into Nikky (though she isn’t an adult (that says it all, right?)). Just as big, just as fat.

I love my life the way it is. I can’t dream of growing up…Fine there is a life after the teenage years. I know that well, but that depends on how you turn out.

Actually, most of Nikky’s friends are like that. I mean the size of horses. I know, I’m a great one for preaching, but find it impossible to actually do what I say. & anyway I don’t see how I can turn fat. Nikky says I’m skinny but I reply ‘No, I’m just slender’ Any Nikky envies me for a start. My lovely long hair… & all…

A nutcase? A crackpot??? A crazy old lady who moans & groans all day?

Will I turn into a slim li’l grandmother who just sits around gossiping or worse again, act to be young (People laugh at women like that.) ?

What can I say then? Life’s just crazy. And, as I say, “I am what I am”
And ‘Life’s what you make it’, right?

Yea! Maybe I turn out really cool like MJ & Loulou & Mary T or! & maybe then, turn like Gaelikaa or maybe Dulwichmum or Dulwich Divorcee or what about Mel, Huh? Life isn’t that bad, is it?

Most teens must think the same, I mean, MelRoXx & Marianne, & maybe whatsoeverbiatch & Kat must too… & most of us must hate villains like Nikky, I mean, it’s not easy being rivals! I mean, its nice being in competition with people of your own standard, not like, NIKKY! (I hate mentioning her name too many times)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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