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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Harry Potter : A Tale Of Friendship

Friendship in Harry Potter is an in-depth relationship of trust,support and loyalty. It is a combination of understanding, empathy and intimacy. Harry Potter isn't a story just about Harry Potter instead its about Harry,Hermoine and Ron. The three best friends who work through hard times and share an everlasting friendship.The movies and the books prove that our best friend will be there for us no matter what happens.The three main characters (Harry,Hermoine and Ron) were best friend since the first book/movie and remained so till the last book/movie. They share a bond that can never be broken. Good friends are forever loyal and can be trusted with secrets both big and small.

By contrast, in an admirable friendship we enjoy the benefits and pleasures because we know that our friend is a good person.What we love about our friend in this case is primarily that he is or at least appears to be a good person.Whatever benefits and pleasure that follow are certainly memorable.
Our friends support us right from the start. A friend sees himself in his friends. We see an illustration of this in Harry and Hagrids friendship. Just like Harry,Hagrid had lost both of his parents and was quite unsure about how he will fit in Hogwarts. Since Hagrid saw a reflection of himself in Harry he tries to promote his well being. Hagrid takes delight in whatever's best for Harry and helps him to enhance his character.Even though the admits that Harry breaks the rules but he is not afraid to say that Harry is a good person.Likewise Harry refuses the fact that Hagrid would ever harm an innocent person.Harry befriends Hermoine and Ron who remain his friends life-long.Both Hermoine and Ron were willing to sacrifice their life in order to save Harry's life.(The trio did have quarrels and fights but these fights and quarrels never get in the way of their friendship.Since the beginning of their of friendship Ron and Hermoine have helped Harry whenever he was in trouble.They always cheered him up whenever he was sad or depressed.Harry did the same for his two other friends.

It is hard to find a good friend as well as being one.Harry befriended Ron first and then later Hermoine.A friend stands with us when the whole world walks away. Harry stood up for his friend Ron when Draco insulted his family.A friend is willing to risk anything order to save their friend's life. Harry and Ron risked their lives in order to save Hermoine's when she was attacked by a troll in the girls washroom.Since then three of them have been irrespirable friends.
Throughout his life Harry's strength has been his family and friends.He believes that it is the only thing that makes him more powerful and than the Dark Lord.One of the most faithful and loyal friend of Harry is Dobby. Dobby first appeared in the second book/movie. Since then Dobby has been helping and saving Harry who he regarded as his master.In the second book/movie Dobby tried to prevent Harry from going to Hogwarts as he thought it would endanger his life.Harry knew that Dobby worked at the Malfoy Mansion and he wanted to help him because he was ill-treated there,so he gifted Dobby a sock which freed him from the chains of slavery.Dobby unfortunately died in the seventh book/movie saving his friend Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter series is a great example of how our best friends will be there for us in good times or bad.Harry Potter made us believe that we're a part of a magical world.Anyone who reads the series or watches the movies is not afraid to say "I am a Potterhead".