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Well....I dont really have anything to say about me.Like every blogger even I want to make my blog popular.I am just another girl like you who wants to be remembered after her death.If you want to contact me I'm there on facebook as Sue Evans.contact me - SUE.EVANS244@YAHOO.COM

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I am a person who just cant study more than 2 hours. My exams are starting from 16th September and I guess i am not so prepared. Last time when we had our exams I did somewhat well. But it wasn't enough, I did score well in history but scoring well in one subject aint good. So I decided that i will score well in all the subjects ,at least I can try to. In order to score well I have to spot blogging for a week or two.

I have a habit of being confident at first and when I see the question paper I get very nervous.But later on I am cool at it.These days all I do is study,eat,sleep and a few hours on the computer. But now I've decided that i will only study , eat and sleep and maybe half an hour television.

I HAVE TO QUIT BLOGGING TILL 30TH OS SEPTEMBER, but I promise I will be back with better posts.

And this my favourite Vlogger Charlie Mcdonnel. In this video he's trying to speak in an American accent:-

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Pet Dog: Jabber

Pets are the most loved and a very memorable part of one's life. I have a pet dog called Jabber. As far as I can remember,I was very small when somebody gifted a small,lame and a big eyed pup to me. It was Jabber.

When Jabber was small he loved chewing my shoes,he nearly tore all my shoes so i got him a chewing bone. Jabber was a very clever pup,he hid the bone somewhere and then it tore my shoes.

When he was just one he went through terrible accident. It was a fine morning and Jabber was merrily playing on a street. I tried to push him inside the house but it was all in vane. So I stood there watching my little dog play. Suddenly a car rushed down the street.Luckily Jabber got saved. But in a few days he started limping. I was worried about him. So i called up the vet. The vet informed me that Jabber's right leg was injured. Within a few weeks he had a plaster.

The people walking on the street used to laugh at my poor dog. In no time Jabber was perfectly normal again. With no injuries.

Jabber is my first pet and i love him dearly. I know "Jabber" is a quite unusual name, and the reason i named him that is that when he was small he never used to bark. My fathre used to say that this dog is s lame,thin and he never barks...so how will he be a good watch dog? But i knew that Jabber will prove him wrong.

Now Jabber is 3 years old. His bithday is on 17th Febuary! Jabber is a very loyal dog and is indeed a very good watch dog. But he still has the habit of biting shoes.
I always wonder when he will get rid of that habit. But i love my thin and pretty dog Jabber.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Their New House

“Oh my God, It’s so magnificent. Zane! Thank you so much!” Exclaimed Barbara. As she stood down the street gawking at the massive white house Zane had just bought for them.

After shifting to this beautiful house their first month in the house was blissful, but as time went on, It didn’t seem as it was when they had bought it.
It was Saturday night and a few of their friends were at home. Zane then clicked some pictures of them. All was going well until they all heard a scream. Nobody spoke a word there was an eerie silence all over the room. Just then a little girl came running “I saw a big tarantula down the aisle.”
Everyone took a gulp of air.

Later that night Barbara lay in bed thinking about the episode that happened. “There weren’t any children with my guests. Then from where did she come from?” she thought to herself. “Zane…wake up! I need to-“ before she could finish her sentence she saw the same girl that she had seen earlier that night.

Barbara trembled with fear.
The girl was standing right at the door.
“Who are you?” Barbara shouted as she gathered up some courage.
Just then the girl vanished into thin air.
Barbara could not sleep the whole night.

Soon a week passed since that incident. Everything seemed quite normal now. Zane was casually laying on the sofa and Barbara was watching television.

There was a knock at the door. Barbara got up and opened the door. “Zane! Look whose come to meet us. “she yelled with enthusiasm. “Zara? Its been such a long time since I saw you last. How are you?” “sorry I cant wait here any longer as I have a meeting at the moment. But I have something for you both.” Zara apologized. “Oh its all right Zara.”

Zara handed Barbara a basket and then waving them good-bye she was gone.
Barbara quickly unpacked the gift. “Oh my God! Its so cute!” Barbara was delighted to see a little pug in the basket. “What shall we call this thing?” Zane asked.
Just then Zane got a call. He told Barbara that he had to go somewhere and will be back by the weekend. “Bye Zane!Take care!”Barbara waved Zane bye and then she closed the door.

She was half asleep on the couch when she heard a dog cry.
She got up to see what was the matter.
She was shocked to see the same girl she had seen a few weeks ago.
The girl was dancing in the whole room with the pup in her arms. For a moment Barbara was stunned. She drove her hands to her face in shock.
“Who are you?” she shouted. The girl looked at Barbara she dropped the pup and then vanished away.Barbara was petrified by then.

She slept the whole evening as she thought she would let her mind relax. She was in the attic with the dog when suddenly she heard a loud bang. She screamed loudly but she felt as if no one could hear her. She slowly crept out of the room. She was terrified to see white footsteps on the floor. It was almost nine by then.

Slowly she stared following the footsteps. She noticed that the footsteps lead to the backyard. She slowly crept into the backyard. It as pitch dark. She could barely see the footsteps.

Suddenly there was light. She closed her eyes as she expected it to be something horrifying.

“Happy Birthday Barbara!”

Her eyes filled with tears as she saw big posters, loud music and all the relatives in the backyard.

“Did you like the surprise?” Zane asked . “Zane? How come you are here?” Barbara Seemed puzzled. “Oh all that was for the surprise. Even the little girl you used to see. She is my cousin Sarah.”