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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Pet Dog: Jabber

Pets are the most loved and a very memorable part of one's life. I have a pet dog called Jabber. As far as I can remember,I was very small when somebody gifted a small,lame and a big eyed pup to me. It was Jabber.

When Jabber was small he loved chewing my shoes,he nearly tore all my shoes so i got him a chewing bone. Jabber was a very clever pup,he hid the bone somewhere and then it tore my shoes.

When he was just one he went through terrible accident. It was a fine morning and Jabber was merrily playing on a street. I tried to push him inside the house but it was all in vane. So I stood there watching my little dog play. Suddenly a car rushed down the street.Luckily Jabber got saved. But in a few days he started limping. I was worried about him. So i called up the vet. The vet informed me that Jabber's right leg was injured. Within a few weeks he had a plaster.

The people walking on the street used to laugh at my poor dog. In no time Jabber was perfectly normal again. With no injuries.

Jabber is my first pet and i love him dearly. I know "Jabber" is a quite unusual name, and the reason i named him that is that when he was small he never used to bark. My fathre used to say that this dog is s lame,thin and he never barks...so how will he be a good watch dog? But i knew that Jabber will prove him wrong.

Now Jabber is 3 years old. His bithday is on 17th Febuary! Jabber is a very loyal dog and is indeed a very good watch dog. But he still has the habit of biting shoes.
I always wonder when he will get rid of that habit. But i love my thin and pretty dog Jabber.


  1. nice>>>> i love dogzz alwayz wntd 2 hav 1 bt my mum nvr aloowzz...:9

  2. Thanks for sharing Jabber with us. We have 3 cats... who rule the roost.. hee hee.
    :) The Bach