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Well....I dont really have anything to say about me.Like every blogger even I want to make my blog popular.I am just another girl like you who wants to be remembered after her death.If you want to contact me I'm there on facebook as Sue Evans.contact me - SUE.EVANS244@YAHOO.COM

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I am a person who just cant study more than 2 hours. My exams are starting from 16th September and I guess i am not so prepared. Last time when we had our exams I did somewhat well. But it wasn't enough, I did score well in history but scoring well in one subject aint good. So I decided that i will score well in all the subjects ,at least I can try to. In order to score well I have to spot blogging for a week or two.

I have a habit of being confident at first and when I see the question paper I get very nervous.But later on I am cool at it.These days all I do is study,eat,sleep and a few hours on the computer. But now I've decided that i will only study , eat and sleep and maybe half an hour television.

I HAVE TO QUIT BLOGGING TILL 30TH OS SEPTEMBER, but I promise I will be back with better posts.

And this my favourite Vlogger Charlie Mcdonnel. In this video he's trying to speak in an American accent:-

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