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Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Post Of 2011

A very happy new year my readers. Wish all of you have a tremendous year ahead. 2010 just flew away. I made a lot of new friends, had fights with a couple of them but m glad that it’s all sorted now. Mel and I thought that we’ll start making YouTube videos so we filmed a short video talking about our selves but we could not complete it lets see if one day we can be YouTube sensations *fingers crossed*. 2011 has been quite a fabulous year for me up till now lets see if it continues that way. Well I’ve just been studying as we’ll be having some tests as school re-opens. I simply hate studying in my vacations.

A few days ago I saw THE STEP UP 3 movie. The story of the movie is fine but the dancing is breathtaking. I recommend this movie to people who like dancing, but if we compare it to the other movies of the STEP UP series this has been the best dance movie though the stories of the other two movies have been slightly better. The story is rather simple. The story revolves around A group of dancers who take part in a competition, they have a rival group who’s taking part in the same competition and the group goes through ups and downs but they never quit and in the end they win the competition. Some of the dance routines were awesome for instance the “robo rock”. Here’s the video…you must watch it.

If you have nothing to do so I’d like to recommend you this link:-


It’s my friend Nicholas’s YouTube channel he makes great videos and he’s funny too. So you all should watch it. Nicholas is one of my best buddies he’s a nice guy n friendly too. But his YouTube videos are really great. He recently got an award so I’d like to congratulate him. I wish he becomes more popular and please watch his videos.