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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Exorcism Of Robbie Mannheim

Well most of you have seen the movie 'THE EXORCIST'?Did you know that its based on a true story?After reading this line I'm sure you must wanna read the story too.As some of you think that its based on a book called 'The Exorcist'.Yea it is,but it does not include the exactly real names,ages,story.So this post is all about it.


Its a case of demonic possession that was taking place in nearby Mount Rainer, Maryland. The possessed was a 14 year-old boy called Robbie Mannheim (or John Hoffman depending on your source), who lived with his family at 3210 Bunker Hill Road, Mount Rainer, Maryland. It is said by Thomas B. Allen, author of the 1993 book Possessed,

that Robbie had a good relationship with his Aunt who was a self-professed medium and that they’d regularly used an Ouija board to contact spirits on the other side. On 15th January 1949, unexplainable events such as footsteps in the walls, strange scratching noises and drumbeats would occasionally baffle the family, but this was only the beginning. Eleven days later, Robbie’s aunt unexpectedly died in St. Louis, and Robbie immediately tried contacting her through his Ouija board.

Over the next few weeks Robbie’s bedroom was a haven for a series of strange noises, but on Thursday 17th February Robbie spent the evening at the house of the family’s local minister and what Reverend Luther Miles Schulze witnessed that night, would force him to recommend a Catholic priest to the family. The Reverend witnessed Robbie’s bed violently shaking and the un-aided movement of a heavy armchair and the mattress that Robbie slept on.

Between 27th February and 4th March, in the control of Father Hughes, Robbie underwent an exorcism at Georgetown Hospital, where he brutally attacked Father Hughes with a bedspring. The manifestations did not end there. Branding would amazingly appear on the boy’s skin, in red welts the words "Saturday," "Louis," and "3 1/2 weeks" randomly scratched themselves onto his body. While these occurrences were under way, Father Raymond Bishop and Father William Bowdern were investigating the possibility of demonic possession. The Mannheim’s were conducting private séances, and claiming that it was indeed Robbie’s aunt who was inhabiting his body.

Finally on Wednesday 16th March, Father Bowdern conducted an exorcism in the home of Robbie’s uncle in St. Louis. During the ceremony, more branding and welts would appear on Robbie’s back, including the words "Spite" and "Hell." Robbie would also spit accurately into the faces of the priests, he would mime masturbation and he would constantly taunt the priests about the sexual relations of priests and nuns. He even spouted out phrases in Latin, a language that he had never known of or studied.

Having failed to have Robbie put away in a mental asylum, Robbie was returned to his home town where he was put into a secure mental ward. The exorcism was continued here on Easter Sunday, where probably the most brutal attack took place. During this exorcism the word "Exit" appeared on Robbie’s chest, with an arrow pointing down to his penis. When this had fully formed, Robbie threw a powerful blow to Father Bowdern’s genitals. Following these attacks, Father Bishop accounted that Robbie spoke ‘the voice of the devil’ during the exorcism, that Robbie’s physical appearance had become sinister and that when ever the exorcism was being performed, the room unnaturally dropped in temperature.

Then on Monday 18th April at 11pm, during the thirtieth exorcism, Robbie jumped to his feet and yelled, "Satan! Satan! I am Saint Michael, and I command you, Satan, and other evil spirits, to leave this body, in the name of Dominus. Immediately! Now! Now! Now!"

Robbie then endured the most violent spasm yet, until the disturbance suddenly stopped. He looked up at the priests and said, "He’s gone."

"Exorcism" ritual...