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Well....I dont really have anything to say about me.Like every blogger even I want to make my blog popular.I am just another girl like you who wants to be remembered after her death.If you want to contact me I'm there on facebook as Sue Evans.contact me - SUE.EVANS244@YAHOO.COM

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My new pet...!!!!

So lately I got a pet turtle.His name is Turtle...(I know that's a funny name for a turtle).He is a tiny green turtle.He loves to sleep on a bed, he loves to walk around.

He can stand on his two legs out of four.... Well he like to do that.He often gets a scolding for doing that.He is quite funny.Once I was having chicken.By Mistake a small piece of chiken fell in his tub (it was half of his size). This little thing swam aroud the whole tub with that piece of chicken in his mouth.

He is very tiny.This picture gives the proof.

He loves climbing. Here's a picture of him climbing a pillows.

Besides a turtle I have a dog named Jabber.Below is of his picture;
This is a picture of him just after his bath.
He is a mixtuere German Sheperd and a Doberman:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things to do when you are angry .

From the past few days i am having loads of fights with many different people.So here are some things to do when you are angry.(it works)

1. Count from 10 to 1.

2. Wash utensils.

3. Punch a punching bag or a pillow.

4. Watch funny soaps/videos/shows.

5. Exercise or go for a walk.

6. Dance in your room.While dancing punch and kick in the mid air.

7. Sleep or medditate.

8. Write in your Journal.If you have one.

9. Cool down.

10. Sit down and relax, don't be silly, it won't help much.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

4 reasons to hate Miley Cyrus

4 Reasons to hate Miley Cyrus:

1. She has a bad dressing sense.

2. She thinks that she looks cool when she makes ugly faces or stupid poses.

3. She became famous because of her father.

4. She used Nick Jonas to get more famous and then dumped him.

So these where the 4 reasons why we hate Miley Cyrus...please comment.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Britney attacted by fanatic fan

While Britney performed “womanizer” of Circus on stage this Weekend, she got a huge shock when a fan decided to try to get close To her! Luckily, her dancers got him out of her way. God knows what he was planning?! The man had to spend a night in jail, he is going to be charged for stalking. Well, he deserves it! Why cause tension? Poor Britney….not a very pleasant surprise, Right?