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Monday, August 30, 2010

Beiber Fever!

Lately i was just talking to my friend Biana.She told me how she was greatly in love with "JUSTIN BIEBER". People say if your too obsessed with Justin Bieber you have "Bieber Fever". Apart from "Bieber Fever" there are many other words which prove that the world (especially girls) are going mad for Justin. These words are:Bieberblast, Beliber,Bieberlicious,Oh My Bieber,Leave It To Bieber.

There are millions who "LOVE" Justin Bieber but there are also who hate him.
Think of Justin Bieber what comes to your mind? please do tell me in your comments.
Some people say "Oh my Bieber! I totally love Justin Bieber. He is so awsome."
Whereas some people say "I hate Justin Bieber! Somebody please tell that girl to shut up!"

Stop worshiping like he's some kind of God,he's just a kid and people dont worship children.Do they? And also stop hating him like he's done something wrong.Its ok if you like him but don't go eccentric!

People even form hate pages against him. Which are titled " Like All The Bievers From Canada Even Justin Bieber Belongs to Canada". You cant say this only because his last name rhymes with bever? Or maybe because he's from Canada?


There are couple of other latest sensations who can be admired. Like:-

This is Greyson Ghance who got popular from his youtube Video in which he's singing Paparazzi by Lady Gaga.

He's Cody Simpson who got popular from his youtube videos.

This is Charlie Mcdonnel. Who again gained world fame by his youtube Videos.

Please tell me what you think about this post as well as all these stars.