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Saturday, September 19, 2009

No Makeup!!

Well have you ever imagined how the celebs looked without makeup?Well to tell you my new post is all about celebs without makeup....well you'll be shocked to see most of them.

Guess who?Its our very own Anne Hathaway.Well She doesn't look that bad..but yes,she does.Surprised?Take a look at the next.

I bet you know this one.Its Ashley Tisdale.She looks rather simple without makeup.I know that you are little surprised to see her without makeup.Take a look at the next.

Demi Lovato?Yea its Demi..there isn't much difference.But she does look pretty.

Hillary Duff?The beauty Queen?She doesn't look beautiful from any angle!!Well If you are obsessed with Hillary I bet this image shocked you.

Vanessa Hugens? She looks so ugly..I wonder how Zack Effron can date such a clumsy person.Bad choice Zack!!

Taylor Swift..She looks Fabulous with and without makeup!Duh!

The best Thing at last!!!

Scary!!I bet you know whose she.Miley Cyrus.Doesn't she look like the girl in the movie Exorcist?Comment and tell me!!

I guess after reading this post you'll be horrified.And every time you see these stats you'll definatle remember how they look without makeup!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Sorry readers...I could not create a new post as I m having my exams and my mom has banned me from going on the net these day but soon (on 12th)my exams will get over and I will be back to blogger and of course blogging!!